About Us

Founded in 1952, Union Engineering served primarily the Agricultural, Mining, Transport and Construction sectors by providing precision Milling, Welding and Sheet Metal Working services in and around Bloemfontein.

By focussing on work excellence and ethical conduct, Mr Geeringh (Sr.) propelled the business into the “big league” and the business expanded rapidly during the 1970’s and 80’s and started taking on  maintenance and structural repairs on earth moving equipment, trucks and other rolling stock.

When André joined his dad in the 1980’s, the company underwent a further growth phase when line  boring and other specialised major maintenance and rebuilding jobs on earth moving equipment were added to the range of services on offer.

The 1990’s brought with it a new set of challenges when “BEE” entered the lexicon of the day and as a purely “white” owned entity, Union Engineering faced huge challenges to retain market share. During this period Precision Engineering as service industry also underwent huge changes and with the demise of trading sanctions, the workshop was modernized with equipment imported from Germany and the UK so as to remain competitive and enhance the quality and levels of precision services offered.

The workshop modernisation and refitting necessitated a refocus on the business model and the last two decades saw the company branching out internationally into the SADC countries and, more importantly, into what has today become a separate business division – providing low operating cost particle separation and sizing of materials solutions through in-house developed and built, fit-for-purpose high frequency screens for the mining, farming and food preparation sectors.

Vision Statement

We plan and aim to become the preferred supplier of Technologically Advanced, Cost Effective and Fit-for-Purpose Particle Separation Equipment in Africa through Customer Satisfaction

Mission Statement

We supply cost effective metal engineering services and fir-for-purpose particle separation and sizing equipment that exceed customer expectations


Our screens are custom engineered and designed, after a consultation and a vigorous testing process, to ensure that we provide the perfect screen for each unique situation and industry.