Particle Separation

Particle separation through size differentiation as a science has seen enormous development and Union Engineering is at the forefront of this process with technology that energises only the screen decks themselves to save energy.

Precision Engineering

Union Engineering is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to all metal and steel working, finishing and fabrication requirements with state of the art welding, milling, machining, line-boring, lathing, bending and cutting equipment operated by our highly skilled and dedicated employees at our Bloemfontein workshop.

Metal Fabrication

The pioneering work into material separation necessitated building additional capacity in terms of structural steel builds and fabrication and the Company now boasts the capacity to undertake structural plant construction in specifically the mining industry.

General Engineering

Years of institutional memory and ongoing skills transfer to younger employees gives the Company a unique ability to find solutions in repairing, re-building and maintaining especially farming equipment, earth moving equipment and crushers, mills and other specialised equipment.